These products were developed within the Living Heritage Project. PEER LEARNING METHOD is a methodology applied to European cultural heritage teaching-learning. CURRICULUM ON EUROPEAN CULTURAL HERITAGE contributes to improve the incorporation of the contents related to European Cultural Heritage in the Curriculum of mandatory Primary and Secondary Education, promoting... 

The NWF project was presented at the Flora Olomouc International Fair, which took place on 17-20 August 2017 at the Olomouc Exhibition Centre. During the workshop "Medicinal Plants and Their Production in Slovakia", the issues of professionalisation and market promotion of specific non-wood forest products were discussed.

Flora Olomouc

The manual Rural Development Agent in Horizon 2020 is the output of the RURALITY project: RECOGNITION AND VALIDATION OF A CROSS COMPETENCE IN RURAL COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT, which is implemented under the EU Programme for Education, Training, Youth and Sports ERASMUS +, is now available to download here:

Student mobility activity was implemented during the 11th to 15th June 2018 in León, Spain, with support of partners of the NWF Network project. The target groups were forestry / agricultural / environmental students and professionals, interested in exchanging experiences on non-wood forest products within different EU countries.

The first transnational meeting of NWF project was held from 24th till 25th November 2016 in Leon and Quadros in Spain.

Article in Leonoticias (Spanish newspaper)

NWF Network: 1st project meeting

The 2nd NWF Network transnational meeting was held in Slovenia on 23-24 May 2017. The project partners exchanged experiences from the area of forestry activities in each country, evaluated the current state of implementation of the project activities, and thanks to the host organization - CPI Slovenia - had the opportunity to visit examples of good practice in the area

Article in Leonoticias 2

NWF Network: 2nd project meeting

Forestry in Slovakia and the current state of use of non-wood products:

Forests are an inseparable part of the image of Slovakia. Whether it's a river or mountain range, it's almost always a forest or at least a grove in the horizon. Only some people realize that the water does not flow from the faucet, but most often it is collected somewhere in the woods; that the individual trees and the forests are silencing the noise; reducing the amount of dust in our surroundings and being the refuge of various species of plants and animals.