These products were developed within the Living Heritage Project. PEER LEARNING METHOD is a methodology applied to European cultural heritage teaching-learning. CURRICULUM ON EUROPEAN CULTURAL HERITAGE contributes to improve the incorporation of the contents related to European Cultural Heritage in the Curriculum of mandatory Primary and Secondary Education, promoting the spirit of common heritage and European identity. It includes the main contents, not only conceptual but also attitudinal, as well as the competences to which it contributes, and the evaluation criteria, giving special importance to social, civic and cultural awareness competences, among others: appreciating European cultural diversity as wealth cultural and collective heritage; valuation of other cultures and respect as central axis of coexistence; knowledge of the main cultural manifestations; attitude of openness, respect and criticism towards the diversity of artistic and cultural expressions; interest in contributing to the conservation of historical, cultural and artistic heritage.



The manual Rural Development Agent in Horizon 2020 is the output of the RURALITY project: RECOGNITION AND VALIDATION OF A CROSS COMPETENCE IN RURAL COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT, which is implemented under the EU Programme for Education, Training, Youth and Sports ERASMUS +.

Interactive educational programme for rural actors (farmers, agricultural advisors and rural people) which provides complex information in the field of the new reformed Common Agricultural Policy.  The online training modules are focused generally on the new CAP and specifically on new CAP components concerning direct payments for farms and cross – compliance.

E-learning platform NewCAP

The model sets pedagogical guidelines for culture and gender friendly teaching approaches towards the beneficiaries (migrants) and sets equity principles to enhance the teachers' / trainers' qualifications.

Culture Equity Model was developed within ALMA-DC project by the Slovak partner (CEDA) with the support of other project partners.