Student mobility activity was implemented during the 11th to 15th June 2018 in León, Spain, with support of partners of the NWF Network project. The target groups were forestry / agricultural / environmental students and professionals, interested in exchanging experiences on non-wood forest products within different EU countries.

Before going to Spain, students completed 15 days of virtual mobility, after which the full-time internship consisted of a theoretical and, in particular, a practical part.

Students from partner countries - Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey and Romania - had the opportunity to share their experiences with non-wood forest products and, within expert excursions, to see examples of good practice in the area – they visited a company providing environmental services in the forestry, an enterprise for processing of forest and local products, a multinational company dealing with the collection, cultivation and processing of medicinal plants and an enterprise for the processing and production of edible chestnuts.

Finally, the official closure of mobility was held and all participating students were awarded a certificate of completion of the educational activity.


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