Name: Adult Learning for MArginalised and Disadvantaged Citizens [ALMA-DC]

Vzdelávanie dospelých pre marginalizované a znevýhodnené skupiny obyvateľstva (ALMA-DC)

Type of project:   LLP / Grundtvig- Multilateral Projects
Ref. nr: 510658-LLP-1-2010-GR-GRUNDTVIG-GMP
Promoter: 'EPICENTRE' S.A., Greece
Duration: 3 years





ALMA-DC seeks to promote adult learning for female migrants/women from ethnic minorities per partner country within the consortium by creating a learning course for them. 

The innovative pedagogical guidelines ‘Culture Equity Model in Adult Education’, addressing teachers/trainers whose learners are female migrants, and all actors in adult education, responds to the 2 operational objectives that the project addresses;

  • to facilitate the development of innovative practices in adult education and their transfer
  • to improve pedagogical approaches and the management of adult education organizations.

The innovation is the topic of the model and its content. It can be transferred to and adapted by other sectors.
Most of migrant women/women from ethnic minorities living in Europe are marginalized with few chances to socially integrate and gain employability due to lack of knowledge of languages, law, civic rights, IT skills and ‘culture bias’ all visible in society and at workplace. 

Main Aims

  • Promote the social integration of migrant women/women from ethnic groups and enhance their opportunities towards employability
  • Offer a model methodology to teachers/trainers who teach multi-cultural groups

Main Outcomes

  1. The interactive ALMA-DC COURSE containing 5 Modules and an interactive self-assessment tool to monitor learning progress for migrant women/women from ethnic groups who will be involved in the development and pilot testing of the course. The modules will be adjusted to their needs by using the survey results (WP2), Workshops (WP5) and pilot testing (WP3).
  2. ‘Culture Equity Model in Adult Education’ (CEM-AE) for teachers/trainers of multi-cultural groups. The model will set pedagogical guidelines for culture and gender friendly approach towards learners and will set equity principles to enhance the teachers’/trainers’ qualifications.
  3. Project website

Main Target Groups

  • Female migrants and women from ethnic minorities
  • Teachers/ Trainers of those female migrants


  1. Vocational Training Organisation ‘EPICENTRE’ S.A., GR
  2. ATHENA – Association for Education and Development of Women, CZ
  3. IBS–Institut fuer berufliche Bildung und EDV-Schulung GmbH, DE
  5. STAFF CONSULT s.r.l., IT
  6. CEDA, obcianske zdruzenie, SK
  7. Group for European Integration, RO

Newsletters Alma-DC

Project ALMA-DC - Final Conference: 13. 9. 2013, Rome