Názov: NWF Network: Transnational initiatives to promote entrepreneurial skills and attitudes related to non-wood forest activities.
Type of project:   ERASMUS+
Ref. nr: 2016-1-ES01-KA202-025177
Duration: 2 years




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NWF Network is an international network consisting of multiple organizations from different EU countries. Its main objective is to collect the best practices from all participating countries, related to non-wood forest products - NWFP (forest products that are not included in the logging sector) and which may contribute to the development of the rural economy and promote job creation.
In general, the non-wood forest products have always been - and remain - an important element of forest resources. However, until recently, it was paid insufficient attention to their management and utilization.
Paradoxically, in some cases, a better understanding of the use of non-wood forest products can be directly linked to the process of their gradual destruction. As cultures and communities evolved towards a market economy, they had tended to reduce the use of these forest products for livelihood; Unfortunately, in general, this decline was not accompanied by better management of some non-wood products as an integral part of the development process. As a result, traditional knowledge about these products gradually disappears. Too often, their real value is significantly undervalued at national or local level; their use expires, either due to lack of appropriate economic measures or developing measures without clear vision.
NWF Network is constituted by following subjects: Ayuntamiento de Cuadros (Spain), AEGEAS (Greece), ADESPER (Spain) Corane (Portugal), CEDA (Slovakia), CPI (Slovenia), Karadeniz Technical Univerisity (Turkey), Etifor srl (Italy) and Stefan cel Mare University Suceava (Romania).

Main Aims

  • Improve the capacity of the VET system related to the needs of the labour market in the NWFP sector.
  • Modernize and exploit the potential of economic development and innovation in the EU to increase the competitiveness of the forest sector.
  • Facilitate labour mobility, recognition at European level in the labour market by integrating business practices based on learning.
  • Cooperate among the organizations in program countries in forestry.
  • Promote better information, transfer of the good practises in the sector and recognition of non-formal learning at European, national, regional and local level.

Main Outputs

  1. Thematic Network „NWF Network".
  2. European Monitoring Centre for New Qualifications in the Forestry Sector.
  3. Online Resource Centre of Information and Learning.
  4. Good Practice Guide for the Management of Non-Wood Forest Products
  5. Project Website 


NWF Project: 1st Transnational Meeting 

2nd transnational meeting within NWF Network project

Erasmus+ students from the NWF Network transnational project visited Spain

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