During 3.-4. February 2022, the 1st Transnational Partnership Meeting of the Together Again project took place in Limanowa (Poland), which was also attended by CEDA representatives.

The project "Practical techniques for relating interpersonal relationships and fostering psychosocial development in the post-Covid 19 era" aims to mitigate the effects of isolation and social distancing of students and youth during and after the pandemic. During the 2 years of the project, together with partners from Poland, Bulgaria, Slovakia and Spain, we will develop a bank of tools and educational resources for teachers and students, which will help overcome the negative effects of the pandemic and develop interpersonal relationships in the school environment.

At the kick-off meeting at the Władysław Orkan High School in Limanowa, the basics of the project were defined, the tasks were planned for the next period and the competencies were divided within the partnership.